Burkes Pass – Home of Three Creeks Arts and Craft Store

Burkes Pass is a small township on State Highway 8, halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown, and close to Fairlie and Lake Tekapo, in New Zealand’s scenic South Island.


Originally settled in 1855, Three Creeks Arts and Craft Store takes its name from the original name of Burkes Pass.


The tiny historic township is at the entrance of the MacKenzie Country. Situated 550 metres above sea level, the crisp mountain air and stunning landscapes, make Burkes Pass a picturesque place to stop and break your travels.


Along with Three Creeks Arts and Craft Store, other sites worth exploring in Burkes Pass include the original heritage-classed St Patrick’s Church – the oldest Union Church in New Zealand - a replica shepherds’ hut, and the Burkes Pass Gallery.

The Burkes Pass Heritage Walk takes visitors past many of the sites of the area's rich history, including the church, gallery, musterer’s hut, stone houses, cob cottages, and the old school house. A pamphlet on the walkway is available from St Patrick’s Church.